Michele E. McLaughlin

Writer, Speaker, Consultant

The mission of oneL is more than just to be a quick reminder of how to spell my name. It is also a reminder to see things differently: to remember that sometimes two vertical, parallel lines might have more to say and sometimes, one is all you need.


I’m Michele with oneL. I love getting the most from life and try to soak up as much as possible. I’ve worked everywhere from a car wash to Fortune 500 companies and as a solo entrepreneur to working in companies with thousands of employees. I’ve traveled by plane, train, and automobile, as well as by boat, on foot, and on 2 wheels to see as much of this amazing world as I can.

I’m also mom to two lovely souls that I adore and am doing all I can to help them continue to see things in different ways because that’s what I love to share. One of my favorite phrases to hear is, “I never thought of it like that before.” That sentiment has helped bring so many people to new places in their lives, personally and professionally and I hope it can help my kids and those I work with as they continue to become who they are meant to be.

This site is also a reminder that it takes all of ‘us’ to get to where we are meant to be. I learn so much from everyone who has been a part of my life and I’d love to hear from you too! The easiest way to reach out, and I truly hope you will, is via the contact form below.



In Print

I’ve always enjoyed writing and began blogging at stuffsoup when friends from across the country wanted to stay in the loop as I was doing a vegan cleanse. Also online, I was a contributor to the now-shuttered examiner.com under the byline Minneapolis Special Needs Kids. They were both great ways to connect and continue to write.

More recently, I’ve been published in an anthology called Monday Coffee and Other Stories and am honored to have had my writing selected for Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities 2018 (LTYM).

If you want some fresh perspective on your writing or to get something written, let me know by connecting below.

On Stage

I’ve acted on stages from California to Spain as well as acting on film. I began speaking in college and have spoken to classes from preschool-aged to high school and am grateful to have been asked back year after year as new students join. I’ve spoken to volunteer groups and organizations as well as being part of Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities 2018 (LTYM). If you need someone to teach or convey your message in person or an engaging keynote speaker for your next event, please reach out below.

In Life

I love to help companies and people connect with those that can keep them moving smoothly and enjoyably toward their goals. I’ve helped companies pursue that via everything from tradeshows and print for Schlumberger and Phillips Petroleum to special promotions for companies like Julian Design or language assistance for even smaller companies. If you or your business is looking for ideas on how to connect old school via direct contact, let me know what you have in mind below and we can put together some great plans to help connect you with your people.


Alisa, also with oneL, is my daughter. She has had much speaking success in her own right having spoken in front of a variety of peer groups, adults, and mixed groups of varying sizes (including over 500 people). She was part of a filmanthropy project as well as being a talk-show guest on The Jason Show and introducing Jason Matheson at a fundraising event. If you need a fresh voice with a unique perspective for a speaking engagement, let us know below.

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